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TACT Online Rules Only (Web Application)

TACT Online Rules Only
 - Available
Product Number 8695-01
Media Web Application
Language English
Edition Latest
Effective Date Feb 12, 2017
Contact Direct Sales to order 1 800 716 6326


Edition Latest

Search the most up-to-date rules with your smartphone or mobile device. It doesn’t get easier! Includes TACT Rules, updated monthly: (1) Industry, country and carrier rules; (2) IATA rules on the acceptance of goods and Air Waybill completion; (3) Country rules, regulations and charges on import, transit and export; (4) Airport and storage facilities, handling equipment; (5) Airline, city and airport codes, AWB prefixes; If you are interested or require more information about this product, please visit our TACT website or contact our customer service directly: